Autumn 2017 Edition

Cristín Leach talks with Cian McLoughlin, whose ongoing interest in the painting of crowds is ‘accidentally topical’
Marcel Vidal finds that a thread of instability runs through Freida Breen’s sculptural practice
Once prominent in Irish life, the vicereines and their legacies are largely overlooked, but the faces of these women have now been afforded a place on the walls of Dublin Castle, writes Myles Campbell
Experimentation is very much a part of Linda Plunkett’s process and her new series seems something of a departure for her, but Stephanie McBride finds her approach is firmly rooted in her engagement with the natural landscape
The discovery of a set of embroideries from 1932 highlights a period during which the new Irish State was presenting a religious and ancient identity to the outside world, writes William Shortall
Highlights from the Autumn 2017 edition
NCAD’s great opportunity
The physical condition of the whole NCAD campus is so poor that there is a danger of a patchwork solution being implemented argues John Mulcahy

Eithne Jordan: Inside & Out
Eithne Jordan talks to Brian McAvera about the influence of German and French culture on her artistic practice
All the world's a stage
This year’s graduates in performance, fashion, film, photography, architecture and textiles, are introduced by Gerry Walker
David Farrell: Beyond the surface
Stephanie McBride offers an insight into award-winning photographer David Farrell’s seemingly innocent landscapes
Gaia’s Garden
Mark Ewart follows the international career of Linda Brunker whose work brings her to France, China and the USA
Chapter and verse at Jerpoint Abbey
Peter Harbison looks back to the Synod of Cashel and Ráith Bresail, which had far-reaching consequences for monastic foundations such as Jerpoint Abbey
Barrie Cooke at Adam's
One of the highlights of this year’s auction scene was the sale of Gillian Bowler’s collection at Adam’s at the end of May
Limerick: Sense of place
At the Limerick City Gallery of Art Elizabeth Magill has her first major Irish exhibition in ten years.