Construction deconstructed

Siobhan O’Connor WHAT IS POSSIBLE 2016 RDS VAA exhibition. concrete, metal, wood, sizes variable

Sarah Kelleher introduces Siobhan O’Connor the 2018 recipient of the Roscommon’s Visual Artists Forum Award, ahead of her exhibition in June

Siobhan O’Connor graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2016 and makes work with concrete, wood and steel; works informed by architecture, engineering and technical drawing, works that play with mass and weight and void. In this, her practice fits into a lineage of modernist and minimalist sculptors: she cites Richard Serra and Donald Judd as influences; artists who were concerned with those qualities of sculpture that are specific to the medium – playing solid against void, investigating the specific potentials of a chosen material, calibrating the tensions of balance, weight and suspension. Colour is also an important factor in O’Connor’s work; she casts and dyes her concrete elements in shades of grey, deep powdery blues and velvet blacks, which further articulate her building block pillars.

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