Book Reviews – E

Article and AuthorVolume/Number/Year/Page
Eblana Gallery, Kevin O'Dwyer: A Sparkling Party Selected Works in Silver, Taylor E. Vol 26 no 1 (2009) p141
Elias, AC. JR, Memoirs of Laetita Pilkington, Glendinning V. Vol 14 (1998) p204
English, Michael (The Three Castles of Dublin: An Eclectic History of Dublin Through the Evolution of the City’s Coat of Arms) Pearson, P.
Vol. 33 no 2 (2016) p 281
Eogan, G. The Accomplished Art: Gold and Gold-Working in Britain and Ireland during the Bronze Age, Mulvin L.Vol 14 (1998) p179
Evans, D. & Larmour, P. Queen's: An Architectural Legacy, McAulay E.Vol 13 (1998) p205
Evans, D. Hackett, M. Hall, A. Larmour, P. & Rattray, C. Modern Ulster Architecture, Howley J. Vol 24 no 3 (2007) p138
Eyewitness Padraig & Joan Kennelly’s images of Ireland: 1953 to 1973, Horgon D.Vol 27 no 1 (2010) p124