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Article and AuthorVolume/Number/Year/Page
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Article and Author,Volume/Number/Year/Page
Hall, D, & O'Brien, E, Nevill Johnson: Paint the smell of grass, Coulter R.,Vol 26 no 1 (2009) p138
Hall, D, Colin Middleton: A Study, Fallon B.,Vol 24 no 1 (2007) p137
Hall, J., The Self-Portrait: A Cultural History Vol 31 no. 2 (2014) p. 137
Hanna, E. Modern Dublin: Urban Change and the Irish Past, 1957-1973, Rowley E.,Vol 30 no 4 (2013) p135
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Hyland, S, I Call to the Eye of the Mind, Lewis G.,Vol 13 (1997) p210

Article and AuthorVolume/Number/Year/Page
Igoe, V, A Literary Guide to Dublin, Pakenham V.Vol 12 (1996) p205
IMMA, McDermott and McGough An Experience of Amusing Chemistry, Hanrahan S. Vol 25 no 3 (2008) p142
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