Book Reviews – R

Article and AuthorVolume/Number/Year/Page
Raftery, Barry, Pagan Celtic Ireland, Rynne E. Vol 13 (1996) p195
Rankin, J F, Down Cathedral: The Church of Saint Patrick of Down, MacCarthy R. Vol 15 (1999) p191
Rankin, P J, Tollymore Park: The Gothick Revival of Thomas Wright & Lord Limerick, Howley J.Vol 28 no 1 (2011) p136
Rault, J, Eileen Gray and The Design of Sapphic Modernity : Staying In, Mcbrinn J.Vol 28 no 3 (2011) p134
Reeners, R, A Buyer's Guide to Irish Art, O'Halloran J.Vol 17 (2001) p179
Reeves-Smyth, T & Oram, R, Avenues to the Past: Essays presented to Sir Charles Brett on his 75th Year, Gibney A.Vol 21 no 1 (2004) p126
Reeves-Smyth, T, Irish Country Houses, Reihill A. Vol 12 (1996) p204
Reeves-Smyth, T, Irish Gardens, Reihill A.Vol 12 (1996) p204
Rehl, B (Trans) &Bacon, R, Odilon Redon Ð Pastels, de Breffny B.Vol 5 (1988) p250
Reid, C. Heirlooms and Hand-Me-Downs, Flynn, M.Vol 29 no 3 (2012) p137
Reilly C. Strokestown and the Great Irish Famine, (combined review) Moroney M.Vol 32 no 1 (2015) p132
Reynolds, M, Everything you do is a Portrait of Yourself Dorothy Kay, a Biographer, Kirwan E.Vol 8 (1991-92) p267
RIAI, Irish Architecture, The RIAI Annual Review, Vol 5 (2014/2015), Hurley L. Vol 32 no 1 (2015) p138
Rice, EA & Reid, A, A Conversation Piece: Poetry and Art, McAvera.Vol 19 no 2 (2002) p143
Rice, EA & Reid, A, False Memory-- Willie Doherty, O'Kane M.Vol 19 no 3 (2002) p136
Richardson, H &Scarry, J, An Introduction to Irish HighCrosses, Stalley R. Vol 8 (1991-92) p266
Rifkin, N (with contributions by Combalia, C, Cooke, & Zweite, A), Sean Scully: Twenty Years 1976-1995, Smith A. Vol 13 (1996) p216
Robertson, J G, Antiquities and Scenery in the County of Kilkenny (1851) Rowan A.Vol 1 no 3 (1984) p60
Robinson, L &`EE hAodha, M, Pictures at the Abbey. The Collection of the Irish National Theatre, Ryan R. Vol 2 no 3 (1985) p61
Robinson, N, Edmund Burke: ALife in Caricature, Pakenham T.Vol 14 (1998) p194
Roche, N, The Legacy of Light: A History of Irish Windows, Brett C.Vol 17 (2001) p173
Rooney, B, A Time and a Place: Two Centuries of Irish Social Life, McAvera B.Vol 24 no 1 (2007) p138
Rooney, B, Henry Jones Thaddeus, Murray P.Vol 20 no 2 (2003) p126
Rosenthal, TG, The Art of Jack B Yeats, White J.Vol 11 (1995) p233
Rothery, S, A Field Guide to the Buildings of Ireland, Meredith J.Vol 14 (1998) p203
Rouse, S, Into the Light: An Illustrated Guide to the Photographic Collections in the National Library of Ireland [combined review] MacAvock, J, Highlights of the Print Collection National Gallery of Ireland, Cappock M.Vol 16 (2000) p173
Royal Irish Academy (The RIA’s Art and Architecture of Ireland) Mulcahy J. Vol 31 no 4 (2014) p134
Rowan, A & Casey, C, The Buildings of Ireland:North Leinster, Sheehy J.Vol 11 (1995) p227
Rowan, A &AM & McParland, E, The Architecture of Richard Morrison (1767-1849) and William Vitruvius Morrison (1794-1838) Bence-Jones M. Vol 7 (1990-91)p248
Rowley, Ellen (Ed) More Than Concrete Blocks: Dublin City’s Twentieth-Century

buildings and their stories, Vol I 1900-1939, Ó Laoire S.
Vol 33 no 3 (2016) p433
Rowley, E & Laroussi, M. (eds) i.e Patterns of Thought O’Laoire, S. p153-4 Vol 29 no. 4 (2012) p153-4
Ruane, F and King, L, ÔAIBArt' - A Selection from the AIB Collection of Modern Irish Art, Hickey T.Vol 13 (1996) p215
Ruthven, I, Irish Houses: Eclectic and Unique Interiors, Cremin A.Vol 16 (2000) p172
Ryan M, Irish Archaeology Illustrated, Mulvin L.Vol 12 (1996) p188
Ryan, M, Early Irish Communion Vessels [combined review] O'Sullivan, A, Crannogs: Lake Dwellings of Ireland [combined review] Stalley, R, Irish Round Towers, MacCarthy R.Vol 17 (2001) p168
Ryan, M, Metal Craftsmanship in Early Ireland, Moss R.Vol 11 (1995) p238
Ryan, N, Stone upon Stone -- the use of stone in Irish building, Ellis J.Vol 22 no 3 (2005) p143
Ryan, T, Thomas Ryan : Oil Paintings, Evangelisti I. Vol 28 no 3 (2011) p135
Ryan, V, Movers and Shapers: Irish Art Since 1960 Mac Giolla, Leith C.Vol 20 no 4 (2003) p138
Rynne, E (ed), Figures from the Past: Studies on Figurative Art in Christian Ireland, in Honour of Helen M Roe, Dunlevy M. Vol 7 (1990-91) p252