Curator's Choice
Article and AuthorVolume, Year and Page No
A curious vessel, silver-guilt ostrich egg cup (Cobbe Collection, Newbridge House) McGregor A.Vol 30 no 2 (2013) p144
A gift between sisters, Louis XV corner cupboards (Castletown House Collection) Laffan W. Vol 31 no 4 (2014) p152
Angel with a trumpet, medieval stained-glass panel (Hunt Museum, Limerick) Maguire H.Vol 29 no 4 (2012) p160
Barbier, George (1882-1932) Costumes Parisiens, Journal des Dames et des Modes (Chester Beatty Library, Dublin) Unkel J.Vol 30 no 3 (2013) p144
Bening, Simon (1483/4-1561) Illuminating Prayer, 'Nativity of Christ & Birth of the Virgin' (Chester Beatty Library) Horton C.Vol 24 no 4 (2007) p168 View PDF
Blackshaw, Basil, On Mature Reflection, Fallon B.Vol 21 no 1 (2004) p62 View PDF
Brian Fallon's Favourite Few, Collins P. Blackshaw B. et al, Fallon B.Vol 19 no 3 (2002) p76 View PDF
Buck, Adam Portrait of Maria Burke (Private collection) Whiteley, J. Vol 32 no 3 (2015) p440
A Loving Embrace: The Carrickfergus Madonna (The Ulster Museum) Northern Ireland edition, Black E.Vol 22 no 4 (2005) p79 View PDF
Crozier, William (1930-2011) A Crozier for the National Gallery of Ireland, 'Flander’s Fields' (National Gallery of Ireland) Rainbird S. Vol 30 no 1 (2013) p144
Cranach the Elder, Lucas (1472-1553) studio of, Judith with the Head of Holofernes (National Gallery of Ireland) Mancini S. & Le Harivel A.Vol 31 no 1 (2014) p144
Cuyp, Alebert (1620-1691) Guilded Youth, 'Landscape with a portrait of a youth and his tutor on Horseback' (National Gallery of Ireland) Waiboer A.Vol 23 no 1 (2006) p144 View PDF
Do, Juan (c. 1604-1656) attributed to, Christ disputing with the doctors, 'The Master of the Annuciation to the Shepards & Christ disputing with the doctors' (National Gallery of Ireland) Croke F.Vol 27 no 2 (2010) p144
Doherty, Willie, The past remains (Irish Museum of Modern Art) Glennie S. Vol 32 no 1 (2015) p144
Dublin's Cultural Registrar (Joseph Holloway Collection, National Library of Ireland) Finegan J.Vol 25 no 2 (2008) p152 View PDF
Edward Smyth’s plasterwork design for the Four Courts (Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin) Griffin D.Vol 27 no 4 (2010) p144
Elvery, Beatrice (1881-1970) Warriors and Scholars, 'Iosagán' (The Pearse Museum, Dublin), Crowley B.Vol 23 no 4 (2006) p168 View PDF
Farrell, Micheal (1940-2000) The Art of Exile, Ballagh R.Vol 21 no 2 (2004) p72 View PDF
Flemish Book of Psalms (Chester Beatty Library, Dublin), Horton C.Vol 21 no 4 (2004) p64 View PDF
Gibson, William (1840-1913) & Hart Robert, Sterling Service, Victorian Silverware (Queen's University, Belfast) McAnena S.Vol 25 no 3 (2008) p152 View PDF
Gormley, Antony, Together and Apart (University of Limerick) Lawless C.Vol 26 no 1 (2009) p144 View PDF
Heron, Hilary Clonfinloch (Fáilte Ireland) Shortall, W. Vol 33 no 3 (2016) p440
Hippocrates revived (Marsh’s Library, Dublin), McCarthy M.Vol 27 no 3 (2010) p144
Irish Steeplechase trophy romps home (Newbridge House Collection) Cobbe A. Vol 30 no 4 (2013) p144
Johnson, Thomas (c.1754) The Dragon Mirrors, (The Bishop’s Palace Collection, Waterford) McEneaney E. Vol 31 no 3 (2014) p144
Jordan Eithne (Mansion I) Cappock, M. Vol 32 no 4 (2015) p592
Keating, Seán, Wagon Train at Ardnacrusha (ESB collection) O’Connor É. Vol 32 no 2 (2015) p 296
Kingerlee, John, Hopkin A.Vol 21 no 4 (2004) p86 View PDF
le Nain, Louis (c. 1603-1648) An Act of Devotion, 'Adoration of the Shepherds' (National Gallery of Ireland) Benedetti S.Vol 20 no 4 (2003) p58 View PDF
Luke, John (1906-1975) The Locks at Edenderry (Crawford Art Gallery, Cork) Murray P.Vol 29 no 2 (2012) p144
Lundberg, Gustaf (1695-1786) Art of the Enlightenment, portrait of George 1st Earl Macartney (The Ulster Museum) Stewart A.Vol 28 no 1 (2011) p144
MacGreevy, Thomas & Yeats, Jack B. Schreibman S.Vol 22 no 1 (2005) p96 View PDF
Maclise, Daniel (1806-1870) Grace and Favour, 'Francois I and Diane of Poitiers' (Crawford Gallery, Cork) Murray P.Vol 24 no 3 (2007) p144 View PDF
Madonna Lactans 14th-century sculpture (Waterford Museum of Treasures) McEneaney E. Vol 25 no 1 (2008) p144
The Wyses of Waterford, Medieval documents (Waterford Museum of Treasures) McEneaney E.Vol 29 no 3 (2012) p144
Noah’s Ark from Treasures Uncovered, illuminated manuscript NLI Ms G3, folio 16v (National Library of Ireland) Fletcher I.Vol 28 no 2 (2011) p144
Osborne, Walter (A letter from Walter Osborne) Maguire D. Vol 33 no 1 (2016) p144
Parreno, Philippe, The boy from Mars (Irish Museum of Modern Art) Kennedy C.Vol 27 no 1 (2010) p128
Primaticcio, Francesco (1502-1570) Drapery Studies, 16th century drawing (National Gallery of Ireland) Hodge A.Vol 26 no 3 (2009) p128
Pomodoro, Arnaldo Sfera con Sfera (Trinity College Dublin) Giltrap C.Vol 25 no 4 (2008) p150 View PDF
Raqqan Bowl, 11th century Syrian bowl (The Hunt Museum, Limerick) Teehan V.Vol 26 no 2 (2009) p136 View PDF
Ricciardelli, Gabriele (fl 1743-1783) Perspectives on Drogheda, 18th-century paintings (Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda) Reilly, N.Vol 24 no 1 (2007) p144 View PDF
Risen from the ashes, Zoomorphic penannular brooch (Kerry County Museum), Murray G.Vol 28 no 3 (2011) p142
Rutledge-Fair, Major, Connemara Album, 'Schoolchildren Connemara' (National Photographic Archive), Smyth S. Vol 26 no 4 (2009) p142 View PDF
Seawright, Paul, The Currency of Types, 'Untitled, Woman and Child' (The Lewis Glucksman Gallery) Kearney F.Vol 23 no 2 (2006) p144 View PDF
Sykes, Sasha, Contemporary Classic Meets a Moderninst Masterpiece (National Museum of Ireland), Goff, J.Vol 29 no 1 (2012) p136
Souter, Camille, Tim's Hat (Hunt Museum, Limerick) Maguire H.Vol 31 no 2 (2014) p144
Uccello, Paolo (Virgin and Child) (National Gallery of Ireland), Benedetti S.Vol 19 no 3 (2002) p55 View PDF
Van Gogh, Vincent (1853-1890) Parisian Veduta, 'Rooftops in Paris' (National Gallery of Ireland) Waiboer A.Vol 24 no 2 (2007) p144 View PDF
Yeats, Jack B. (1871-1957) Yeats and Beckett - Fellow Travellers, 'The Graveyard Wall' (The Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo) McGarry E. Vol 23 no 3 (2006) p144 View PDF
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