Stained Glass
Article and AuthorVolume and Page No
An Tur Gloine Stained Glass in Arizona, Caron D.Vol 10 (1994) p174 View PDF
An Tur Gloine Stained Glass in Singapore, Caron D.Vol 17 (2001) p114 View PDF
Clarke, Harry (Geneva Window) Gordon Bowe N.Vol 30 no 1 (2013) p118
Clarke, Harry (A Regal Blaze - depiction of Synge's Queens) Gordon Bowe N.Vol 23 no 2 (2006) p96 View PDF
Geddes, Wilhelmina (Ottawa Window) Brown SA.Vol 10 (1994) p180 View PDF
Geddes, Wilhelmina (A Forgotten Masterpiece) Gordon Bowe N.Vol 24 no 1 (2007) p78 View PDF
Geddes, Wilhelmina (Fallen sons and warrior angels) Gordon Bowe N. Vol 32 no 1 (2015) p118
Healy, Michael (Window of 'St. Victor') Caron D.Vol 9 (1993) p187 View PDF
Healy, Michael (Windows in St Brendan's Cathedral) Caron D.Vol 20 no 3 (2003) p120 View PDF
Hone, Evie (Four Green Fields) Gordon Bowe N.Vol 30 no 3 (2013) p108
Hone, Evie (New Setting for Rahan Windows) Symondson A.Vol 11 (1995) p205 View PDF
Hone, Evie (Iron in the soul) Pyle H.Vol 22 no 4 (2005) p126 View PDF
James Watson & Company (Divine Light: a century of stained glass) Ryan V. Vol 32 no 2 (2015) p 272
King, Richard (Kevin Barry Memorial Window) Sheehy R.Vol 11 (1995) p208 View PDF
Lamb, Peadar (Drama through the window) Hanley J.Vol 27 no1 (2010) p112
O'Brien, Catherine (Lost in translation) St John Window, Honan Chapel, Cork, Hayes M. & Rogers J.Vol 29 no 4 (2012) p128
O'Donoghue, Hughie (Between Heaven and Earth) Murray P.Vol 31 no 2 (2014) p 86
Pollen, Patrick (Patrick Pollen metaphysician in glass) Gordon Bowe N.Vol 28 no 2 (2011) p102
Rogers, James Edward (1838-96) Howell P.Vol 13 (1997) p105 View PDF
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