New Generation Gallery

Alison Rodgers

MFA Art and Design/Ceramics, University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery 2020

I am an artist, maker, and facilitator of creative healing workshops focusing on women’s issues specifically associated with mental health, trauma, recovery, and being a survivor. I respond to these issues through my ceramic sculptural artwork. My hope is my work will spark conversation about these taboo subjects reducing the stigma and breaking the negative connotations surrounding these issues

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Wandering Wombs Anchored to Weaponized Phallic. by Alison Rodgers
Wandering Wombs by Alison Rodgers
Fruit of Thy Womb by Alison Rodgers
Winged Wandering Womb by Alison Rodgers
Weaponized phallic by Alison Rodgers
Detailed image of ovary from Wandering Womb. by Alison Rodgers