New Generation Gallery

Anca Avasilichioaiei

3D Design, Modelmaking & Digital Art, IADT

New Generation Gallery

I am a Romanian-Irish Modelmaking student, I love working digitally and improving my skills in different programs, while also enjoying traditional fine art and sculpture, particularly clay and paint. I enjoy creating concept art and portraits, Clip Studio Paint & Blender have been my canvas of choice for the past few years! Incorporating Eastern European/Balkan folklore & history into my art and designs is what my work has focused on throughout my years as a student, and I hope to continue combining vintage with contemporary in many different ways! I hope to either teach, or create artwork for videogames or animation. Design and storytelling is what I am passionate about!

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Video Game Poster Concept
Storyboard for Scene
3D Model of Vending Machine Prop
3D Model of Protagonist
Expressions of Ileana
Still from Scene