New Generation Gallery

Ann McBride

BA (Hons) Design - Ceramics, Limerick School of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2016

My work is inspired by a personal fascination with the relationship between W.B. Yeats and Maud Gonne. My narrative revolves around their story and explores the complexity of their relationship as it unfolded over time. This narrative is revealed through the layering, interaction and use of a series of everyday objects. I use bone china as my canvas, with my illustrations fired on as decals.

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Cup stack Maud diving by Ann McBride
Maud as Puppeteer by Ann McBride
Maud Cup & Saucer by Ann McBride
Yeats as Fox by Ann McBride
Maud Diving Black by Ann McBride
Maud Diving Blue by Ann McBride