New Generation Gallery

Anna Peters

MFA in sculpture and expanded practice , National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery

My name is Anna Peters and I am a 24 year old emerging artist freshly graduated from a MFA in sculpture from the National College of Art and Design. I work with mediums ranging from ceramics, metal and woodwork. I am most passionate about creating installation work but also play with experiments using found material, technical drawings and photoshop. Through the use of scale, colour and light involvement, these techniques are used to invigorate the arousal of one's visual senses. The concepts of my work are influenced by human perception and what we as humans are experiencing in alternative ways. I enjoy making work that is bright, wacky and otherworldly. Artists that inspire my work are Yayoi Kasami and Olafur Ellison. Kasami for her extravagant style and infinity rooms intensified my relationship with otherworldly themes and wacky design, and Ellison for his technical process and concepts based around human perception.

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Born with a head without words.
No barking
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