New Generation Gallery

Aoife Mc Donnell

BA (Hons) Applied Materials, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2021

As artist and facilitator, my practice is process-driven, equal parts informed by material and social context. Our material and sensory experience is something highly intimate and intuitive, often linking memory and emotion to place. Informed by themes of belonging, textile tradition and sustainability, my work investigates the collaborative past and potential of textile process. This series of work is reflective of cyclical modes of production and being, bringing into question concepts of balance and sustainability. Drawing from traditional dye processes, these pieces act as momentary frames of a larger process, formed through cycles of submersion and exposure with pigment fixed in a continuous state of flux. Each piece combines multiple processes varying in intimacy, attention and timescale, to create moments of tension. A recurring image of riverbank debris references the periodical nature of tide sequences, acknowledging the transitory nature of this seemingly structured process.

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by Aoife Mc Donnell