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Ariane Sloan

Textile Art, Design and Fashion BA (Hons), University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery

Fashion eras and political history influence my work, particularly feminism. These influences inspire and generate ideas to create unique wearable garments that stand out from the norm. I aim to create designs and garments that are playful, fun, and push the boundaries of fashion design. My work process begins with experimental ideas and photography; looking for colour, shape and obscure details within photography to be inspired by. Projects are all about colour and texture and exploring these together to create bold textural garments. For my graduate collection I continued from my dissertation topic where I investigated yarn as feminist activism throughout the waves of feminism, focusing on knit and crochet. I took this research into my major project to create knitted garments that were a form of feminist activism.

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Yarn as Feminist Activism, Look 1
Yarn as Feminist Activism, Look 2
Yarn as Feminist Activism, Look 3
Yarn as Feminist Activism, Look 4
Yarn as Feminist Activism, Look 5