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Arthur Raven Hurley

BA (Hons) 3D Design, Digital Art & Modelmaking, IADT

New Generation Gallery

Hi! My name is Arthur and I'm graduating from 3D Design at IADT this year. I'm an artist and modelmaker primarily interested in the digital side of 3D design, texture creation and environment design. For my final year project I wanted to create a big, underground space, a crypt-like environment with oppressive and ominous atmosphere. Taking inspiration from real buildings such as Printworks and Berghain, and fictional media like Suspiria and Dark Souls, I ended up designing an occultists' nightclub with three distinct rooms that could be explored by the viewer. The 3D modelling was all done in Blender, where I also rendered any still shots of the scene. I created textures/materials for these models in Substance Designer and Painter, then transferred the whole scene into Unreal Engine 5 where it could be explored in real time, like a level in a video game. Lastly, I added looping music and animated visuals I had created in Blender and After Effects to complete the nightclub feel.

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Main Chamber
Bar Area
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Sketch to Final Result Comparison
Booklet Page - Modelling Workflow
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