New Generation Gallery

Bairre Mac Ráighne

Fine Art: Painting, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2020

My work is a manifestation of the modern, fragmented Irish identity apropos of the Irish language - an under-the-lens exploration of a non-native speaker. It chronicles the purgatorial disconnect between tradition and modernity in an English-speaking Ireland, and the *dream* of Irish - a place of purification and punishment - drawing from ethnofiction in film and Irish literature.

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Gan Dia d'Éirinn (No God for Ireland) by Bairre Mac Ráighne
Giollaí agus Dailtíní Tuathánaigh (Pot-Boys and Peasant Whelps) by Bairre Mac Ráighne
Ag Dul Siar (Two Dubs Gone Westward/Backward) by Bairre Mac Ráighne
Baoth (As Foolish as the Turkeys They Raised) by Bairre Mac Ráighne
Féach Gach Treo (Look Bothways) by Bairre Mac Ráighne
Idir É agus an Ghaoth (Between Him and the Wind) by Bairre Mac Ráighne