New Generation Gallery

Barbara Healy

BA (Hons) Fine Art - Painting, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2016

My paintings or Territories register a nexus between entropy, the self and the malleable surface tension of Icelandic topography. Consequently, the surface on which I paint is a critical element of the work. My practice is a collaboration of expectation and materialisation. Through 2D, illusiononistic, non-physical creases and 3D physical folds, Territories explore a slippage of dimension and time

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40°04'02.2"N 116°32’50.8"E by Barbara Healy
53°20'33.0"N 6°16’47.2”W by Barbara Healy
53°43'12.3"N 6°20’49.0”W by Barbara Healy
64°15'21.8"N 21°07’49.9”W by Barbara Healy
57°08'43.8"N 2°06’10.3"W by Barbara Healy
52°15'07.2"N 7°07’04.0”W by Barbara Healy