New Generation Gallery

Brendan Mc Garry

BSc(Hons) Furniture Design & Manufacture, GMIT Letterfrack, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2016

Brendan has had a strong affinity working with wood since a very early age. He aligns his design techniques to champion the versatility & natural beauty of such an inimitable sustainable material. “Inspiration can come from literally anywhere throughout a design process so I'm much more aware of the world around me at this time. I generally find my creative vein in music & doodling my mind's eye."

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Ch. 53 by Brendan Mc Garry
Eternity Box by Brendan Mc Garry
Metri by Brendan Mc Garry
Trio by Brendan Mc Garry
Corolla by Brendan Mc Garry