New Generation Gallery

Carmen Ros

Fine Art Paint, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2020

'Behind Closed Doors' - The Ordinary, The Mundane, The Overlooked, The content of my work focuses on the documentation of my large family's chaotic, yet typical life as seen through the lens of my camera. I create work which operates in the gap between life and art. I juxtapose thickly layered paint and loosely washed areas creating semi-abstracted paintings showing different visual elements.

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Expressions, 2020. by Carmen Ros
Dazzling T- Shirt, 2020 by Carmen Ros
Cradle, 2020 by Carmen Ros
Washing Dishes, 2020. by Carmen Ros
Chaos, 2020. by Carmen Ros
Reunion, 2020. by Carmen Ros