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Chloë Curtin

3D Design, Modelmaking and Digital Art, IADT

New Generation Gallery

My name is Chloë Curtin. I am a modelmaker from Co. Kilkenny. In recent years I have found a love for miniature modelmaking and creating artwork using paper as the primary medium. My sculpture focuses on the importance of the stories that buildings contain. The building being portrayed is Fennelly’s of Callan, a cultural coffeehouse in Callan, Co. Kilkenny. The site is over 800 years old and has a vast history, having served many owners' different purposes. I believe it is important to protect the history & legacy of our ancient Irish buildings. The model is to be used as an interactive point of historical information for visitors to the coffeehouse. It represents the origin story of Fennelly’s and what it has developed into today through the use of a moving turntable, depicting three different time periods from the building’s past, and hand-cut stories that can be followed along the roadways of Callan, all constructed from paper. I hope you enjoy the tiny furniture as much as I do.

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Fennelly's of Callan
Scale Model housed within Acrylic Dome
Hand-cut Callan Roadways
Architectural Façade Miniature
Close-up of the Rotating Turntable
Paper Detailing