New Generation Gallery

Clodagh Somers

Masters of Architecture, UCD School of Architecture

New Generation Gallery 2016

Fabricating Work is part international studio run across Europe. This year the studio looked at a set brief for the manufacturer Hawa, based in the town of Mettmenstetten, in Switzerland. I was drawn to the workings of the factory, & the people employed there. I was interested in how a factory can be designed for people, how structure & material could be manipulated to integrate the human scale.

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Long Section through Factory by Clodagh Somers
East & West Elevation by Clodagh Somers
Drawing Study of Entrance & Approach by Clodagh Somers
Photographs of model studies depicting the entrance & approach to the factory by Clodagh Somers
Study Model of the Intersection in Structure by Clodagh Somers
Drawn with CAD by Clodagh Somers