New Generation Gallery

Colleen Cummings

Graphic Design, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2019

My work is influenced by print materials whether in the form of collage, cut paper, book design or text. I like to fuse the tangible world of print with the digital capabilities that we have today. A lot of the themes surrounding my work consist of journeys, diaspora, breaking free, nostalgia and change.

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Wildwood Days: Giant Postcard Series by Colleen Cummings
PAINT ME Chapbook by Colleen Cummings
"The Waiting Place" A Photo Collage Zine by Colleen Cummings
DS Monogram by Colleen Cummings
The Wizard of Oz: Book Cover Reimagined for a Modern Audience by Colleen Cummings
Drawing Letters: Collaboration with Sightsavers by Colleen Cummings