New Generation Gallery

Colleen Cummings

Graphic Design, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2019

Wildwood Days: Giant Postcard Series by Colleen Cummings
PAINT ME Chapbook by Colleen Cummings
"The Waiting Place" A Photo Collage Zine by Colleen Cummings
DS Monogram by Colleen Cummings
The Wizard of Oz: Book Cover Reimagined for a Modern Audience by Colleen Cummings
Drawing Letters: Collaboration with Sightsavers by Colleen Cummings

My work is influenced by print materials whether in the form of collage, cut paper, book design or text. I like to fuse the tangible world of print with the digital capabilities that we have today. A lot of the themes surrounding my work consist of journeys, diaspora, breaking free, nostalgia and change.

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