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David Harte

Creative Digital Media, Crawford College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery

Hello! my name is David Harte, I'm a recent graduate from Munster Technological University. As someone with a interest in history and photography I took a deeper dive into an area of Irish history which was ambush sites during the Irish Civil war. My piece titled 'Exploring The Ambush' is a photo book on the Irish Civil War ambushes, with my case study specifically looking at the Kilmichael ambush that took place on the 28th of November 1920. Using Augmented Reality technology I hope to bring the events that took place more to life. It addresses the need for extra multimedia content in terms of use for educational and cultural-heritage uses, as opposed to the traditional uses, i.e. books, papers, etc. Each photo on the page will have a QR code displayed, which will permit the person to access the AR tech at the photo. It will show on the person's phone/tablet either 3D models, animation/illustrations, or videos with the 3D tracking information of unique areas of the site itself.

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Exploring the Ambush, photobook
3D view of Kilmichael
Inside book
QR code to external website of the Kilmichael ambush
Example image 1
Example image 2