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Deborah Mathew

Graphic Design Communication, Limerick School of Art and Design

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‘Home Made’ showcases a bite-size collection of meals and recipes from the diverse international community in Limerick and their variety of food. When given the question of what it means to feel at home, people’s response would turn to food as a source of comfort or feelings that bring distinct memories and capture an idea of being home even though they far from it. For the people in this book, being in Ireland means a lack of familiarity and quest to find it. Wanting to feel at home when they were away from it resorted to various “comfort foods” to feel just that. So phone calls and recipes, “how-to-do” sticky notes, got them learning to cook food from home as a way to feel comfort, memories and a huge source of happiness. Home Made is a compilation of recipes each person has shared that they would make to remind them of home and a humble slice from the vast variety of international food and community in Ireland.

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"nostalgic memories that last a lifetime"
"an act of love"
Show love - Sow love - Share Love
"the people that give you their food, give you their heart"