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Denise O’Connell


New Generation Gallery

Covid-19 struck during the second year of my degree course. Its impact is reflected in much of my work. My work is concerned with the Anthropocene. That’s a big word to describe the myriad of minute details that make up the compounding effect of our imprint on the planet. I investigate these effects in various ways, for example by using honey to explore climate change. I use face masks to explore the isolating effect and origin of the Covid virus. My abstract wood sculpture emphasises the human connection to the earth, through its form and materiality. Environmental adaptation is the concept of my resin and glass footsteps. I like to focus on found objects or materials of the earth, such as clay, wood, moss, algae, water and wax, in an effort to be ethical and as sustainable as possible. This often calls for ingenuity, requiring research and experimentation with materials such as bioresins, in order to achieve my aims.

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