New Generation Gallery

Derek Lawlor

BA (Hons) in Art, IADT

New Generation Gallery 2020

My works is a collection of nude and partially clothed bodies. They are composed with pencil, gauche paint and charcoal. Colour is used for emotional tone and emphasis. I’m interested in idealised and meditated bodies, such as those sourced from historical sculpture, TV and 20th century magazines; women’s magazines, pornography, wrestling magazines, Men’s magazines etc. An example of this woul

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Elongated woman ,on carpet, focused depiction of a soft glaring face. by Derek Lawlor
N.01 by Derek Lawlor
improvised drawing of woman from memory by Derek Lawlor
love surrounds horror by Derek Lawlor
self reflection while bathing by Derek Lawlor
figures interacting in a space by Derek Lawlor