New Generation Gallery

Diarmuid Kavanagh

BA (Hons) Art, IADT

New Generation Gallery 2018

I'm investigating the gap or intersection point in areas where wet and dry connect and merge, such as occurs in boggy, marshy ground or on the seashore and in harbours. There is an ambiguity about these places, an inbetweeness, an excitement and a tension, a feeling that one is in neither state completely, because of the inherent fluidity involved, which evokes strong childhood memories in me.

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Green Shoots by Diarmuid Kavanagh
Sea breaking on the broken shore by Diarmuid Kavanagh
Turning the silver out of dark grasses, 2018 by Diarmuid Kavanagh
A story of hidden water, 2018 by Diarmuid Kavanagh
Faintly through mist of broken water, 2018 by Diarmuid Kavanagh
The dawns with scent of must and rain, 2018 by Diarmuid Kavanagh