New Generation Gallery

Éimear Murphy

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Art, Carlow Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2021

I use photography, performance, mixed media and conceptual work often with make-up. My work isolates the movements of humans and/or objects. In one body of work I produced, titled ‘The Seven Deadly Sins', I drew inspiration from Dante's Divine Comedy and The Canterbury Tales, I recreated the Seven Deadly Sins by doing my own interpretations of the religious vices using make-up, performance and photography. The Flutter Collective develops this methodology. First, I researched the meaning of butterflies, which symbolise rebirth. I then began to select images of butterfly species from across the world. I painted some of these species using make up on my face and documented a performance wearing them. This documentation then evolved into a series of acrylic paintings. In doing this, I hope to evoke a feeling of being a part of another world, escaping reality and creating a fictional narrative that punctuates the stream of daily events to find poetic meaning in everyday life.

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by Éimear Murphy