New Generation Gallery

Ellen Cassidy

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Contemporary Arts, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2021

My work combines primordial, ancient and contemporary references to the body and the landscape. I generate disfigured forms and look at how the body can be perceived through time and the condition. Using clay, I make multiple body parts. These body parts are derived from the past and the present and combine realism and surrealism. Their limbs are like anatomical votives. Many cultures throughout history have made and used body parts as votive offerings. These were used to invoke many things- improved luck, health and prosperity. Using video, I visualised how the body transforms under conditions. I imagined how the body would look with the limbs multiplied or contorted. I stuff life into seemingly endless tubular forms which wrap around the body. This figure appears crossing the landscape and drags itself with great burden. I brought the figure to life in an environment that is familiar to me. It made me contemplate the history of the people who transversed this landscape before me.

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by Ellen Cassidy