New Generation Gallery

Emma Hayes

Fine Art, Painting, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2018

The impact that relationships have on my emotional attachment to my environment impacts the sources that I use. The process of how I make a picture is important to me. Both the process of making a picture and the action of applying the paint informs my work. I generally begin with a photo that I have taken, I then do a quick sketch and from there I make a collage. I make a painting using oil paint

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'Oh I Love Milk' 2018 by Emma Hayes
'Times That Have Been and Gone' 2018 by Emma Hayes
'Sublime' 2018 by Emma Hayes
'Behind the Glass' 2018 by Emma Hayes
'Please Knock' 2018 by Emma Hayes
'Signed Briefs and Old Ties' 2017 by Emma Hayes