New Generation Gallery

Esther Elia

Advanced Painting, Burren College of Art

New Generation Gallery 2018

Esther is an illustrator with a focus in writing and interpreting both the writings of herself and others into images. She uses painting and digital processes to create editorial illustrations, books, and fine art pieces. Her most recent work has centered around collected family stories about displacement as refugees of the Armenian Genocide.

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Dear Grandpa, why didn't you think of me when you were running away from your past? by Esther Elia
First Portrait in America by Esther Elia
"Swear you're not hiding Christians?" c. 1915 by Esther Elia
Transplanted Memories Coat by Esther Elia
I keep searching and searching through the facts looking for a resolution that will not come by Esther Elia
"Thank God we don't accept refugees!" by Esther Elia