New Generation Gallery

Fumi Masaki

BA. Hons. Fine Art, Sligo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery

I was born and grew up in Japan and came to Ireland when I was in my late 20s. In my life between two different cultural experiences, I obtained a unique perspective – how I see, observe, and picture things from different angles and how one object can merge into other objects and incorporate with others. In my practice, I focus on objects and weigh up the process of making art rather than artistic themes. My works explore my subconscious, my daydreams, and everyday feelings of joy, sadness, happiness, loneliness, and even anger. I embrace all these sentiments which I cannot interpret and define in words, I put them into my art. Materials are important for me, especially fabrics; their softness, tactility, and intimacy enable me to express and embody my feeling. The materials I use play with my strange, and figurative images. I intend to combine different images and colours which may be mixed up, or confused, becoming somehow meaningless or meaningful, but this is my way of aesthetics.

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Floating Sadness
Shining in the Rain