New Generation Gallery

Harry Walsh Foreman

BA Fine Art - Painting, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2016

The distinctive characters and personalities which comprise contemporary urban street life in Dublin is of paramount importance to examining the hidden narratives of these individuals. These accounts form the framework of this exploration into the inherent humour of daily life through a combination of paintings and drawings.

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I firmly believe that Donald Trump should ban shredded cheese and make America grate again. by Harry Walsh Foreman
My epitaph will read that he had a few good tweets, but a lot of it was the same jokes with different punctuation. by Harry Walsh Foreman
Temple Bar, by Harry Walsh Foreman
I hope Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination so he can become the first President with an Irish Mam's name. by Harry Walsh Foreman
I was caught cheating in school yesterday. Your one in front of me wrote “I don’t know” to q.1 and I wrote "Neither do I by Harry Walsh Foreman
I eat too much Sushi! by Harry Walsh Foreman