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Holly Angle

3D Design, Model Making + Digital Art, IADT

New Generation Gallery

My name is Holly Angle and I have finished my BA in 3D Design, Modelmaking + Digital Art at IADT in 2022. I enjoy using mixed media, surface design and details to bring my work to a more interesting level of visual enjoyment and wonder. Experimenting with new techniques and products pushes me to be innovative in how I interact and reimagine the end results of my projects. Sculpting and mold making gave new life to what can be produced and expands the scope of what is possible in model making. For my final project I made stop motion bird puppets and the woodland set. I used primarily paper or elements that are easily recyclable. Printing the paper for the feathers was done by a process called eco/biological printing. Leaves and fallen foliage are wrapped in paper and steamed or boiled to create outlines or prints. Each sheet of paper is unique and reflects the organic materials that are positioned on the paper. It's a beautiful process. Never stop learning or experimenting.

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Stop Motion Owl Puppet
Stop Motion Forest Set
Stop Motion Crow Puppet
Eco Printed Bundles
Eco Printed Paper
Beak and Eyelid Storage Box