New Generation Gallery

Inga Hamilton

BA Hons Ceramics, Jewellery & Silversmithing, University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery 2020

Through the use of readily-dismissed, low-value materials, such as seaweed and salt, I endeavour to produce desirable, high-value adornment. By instigating comparative discussion of my work with that of nonhuman-animal makers employing the same materials and techniques, such as decorator crabs, birds or dolphins, I aim to challenge the concepts of value, craft and adornment in the natural world.

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Ocean, Be Mine (bracelet). An offering from one to another. by Inga Hamilton
Love Token (ring). An ephemeral ring inspired by the seaweed posies dolphins exchange. by Inga Hamilton
Salted Ruff. 21st Century salt ruff. Regal wear for the nature warrior. by Inga Hamilton
Sea Warrior Epaulette. Identity in an adornment. by Inga Hamilton
Selkie Bridal Bracelet. Dissolvable jewellery for a fleeting moment. by Inga Hamilton
This Great Orb (ring). On which we live. by Inga Hamilton