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Jane Shirley

BA in Film and Tv Production, Griffith College Dublin

New Generation Gallery

Hi, I'm a cinematographer and editor based in Dublin. I recently graduated from Griffith College Dublin. My recent works include 'Get Out and Drive' and 'Abstract Painting' (both below). Get Out and Drive is centred around 5 car enthusiasts as they aim to reject the boy racer stereotype while exploring different aspects that attract car enthusiast to the Irish community. As the DOP, it was a new experience filming with cars and I was able to bring pops of colour to the documentary through the interviews. While ‘Abstract Painting’ follows Jason’s mundane life as he obsesses over a painting that symbolises freedom to him in the Hugh Lane Gallery. We soon learn that Jason has a criminal past and the only thing that’s stopping him from returning to that life is his love for his wife and the idea of having children with her in the near future. 

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Get Out and Drive Film Poster
On set of Abstract Painting