New Generation Gallery

Jason Conlon

Photography with Video, University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery

From native Americans to Ancient Celts many cultures of the past had a deep spiritual connection with nature. Insects held a special place in the mythology of most cultures with their beginnings going back as far as recorded history. Messengers concentrates on a small group of insects that have inspired myth and lore throughout the ages. Mythology can help bind communities and cultures with tales of morality but can also be used to control the population by exploiting their fear of God and natural forces. The insect becomes the protagonist in a much larger narrative with metaphors of transformation, spirituality, and the ability to communicate between worlds. Working in my under stair laboratory I craft together many disciplines from Victorian taxidermy to computer programming. Like a mad scientist, I use these tools to reanimate lifeless exoskeletons. The result is a visual experience that was once the domain of the entomologist’s microscope.

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Rhino Pinned
Owl Eye
Pumpkin Cicada
Red Queen