New Generation Gallery

Jocelyn-Stephanie Schönemann

Fashion Design, Griffith College Dublin

New Generation Gallery

UNEXPECTED is a high-fashion, high-tech, unisex collection that answers the question: can we create future-proof fashion that safeguards from environmental disasters such as floods and wildfires? Each garment provides protection by using the latest technologies to greatly enhance the wearer's safety and survival, without sacrificing the aesthetics of their clothing. In order to achieve this, these garments have been designed to incorporate inflatable life jackets, integrated floatable collars and special pockets for insertion of buoyancy devices. The base layer undergarments are made of fireproof jersey inspired by current motor-racing suits, and include built-in face masks, socks and gloves for full body protection. Outerwear is designed to be water-repellent and reflective and is lined with fireproof fleece and thermo-insulating materials to further protect the wearer. Moreover this collection wants to promote a discussion and raise awareness of our environment and climate change.

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