New Generation Gallery

Joe Mc Quillan

Photography, IADT

New Generation Gallery

My work titled closing time comes from a personal interest in the place I live and its forgotten buildings and the history within them. I chose to explore this through the medium of photography and create a visual narrative of a once bustling and busy hotel, from objects and symbols I encountered on a recent exploration of the vacant site. The place I chose to explore is one the most iconic buildings in the area that dates back to Victorian times. It was built in the mid 1800’s to capture the booming Tourism of Bray’s Victorian seafront and promenade. The Bray Head Hotel had a long standing history in the town that also boasted a history of renowned film from Irish and International cinema. Its current state of dereliction and abandonment is a reminder of times gone by.

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Holy Bible
Hotel Front façade .
Interior , Lounge
Stack high Mattresses
Stained glass window
Club Lemon