New Generation Gallery

Johanna Nulty

BA (Hons) Fine Art, IT Sligo


March 2017

Johanna Nulty’s first solo exhibition ‘A Portrait of This Region’ opens 8 April at Townhall Cavan Arts Space and runs until 29 April. Click here for details.

Recent Works

Smyth (2016) by Johanna Nulty
by Johanna Nulty

New Generation Gallery 2016

Using found objects and domestic materials which converts through the processes of re-configuring the objects into sculptural abstract body forms. Exploring found objects and how each object as methods of communication. There is a very physical process effect to the work with layering, cutting, breaking, adding, covering, folding of the materials. Influenced by Mona Hatoum and Lynda Benglis.

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Lost by Johanna Nulty
Hopeless by Johanna Nulty
Helpless by Johanna Nulty
Trapped x2 by Johanna Nulty