New Generation Gallery

Juliette Quédec

Fine Art Painting, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2018

Maybe happiness is overrated? Who knows. My works aims to find humour in the everyday trials of mental illness. Inspiration is derived from my surroundings, they just so happen to be painfully mundane. The topic of mental illness is somewhat of a conversational faux pas and so in order to make it more accessible satire is used to dampen the load .

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Almighty Companions by Juliette Quédec
Just Hangin' by Juliette Quédec
A-OK/ Positively Delighted by Juliette Quédec
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner by Juliette Quédec
Still Life of Forgotten Flowers by Juliette Quédec
Spilled Milk by Juliette Quédec