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Karolina Adamczak


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My recent project, I’m Selling Myself consists of a series of short films exposing the self-estranging process of emotional labour and the marketisation of feelings and emotions. The work also critiques the ethics of business structures and exposes the dangers of employee rating and customer service policies such as ‘never say no’ and ‘service with a smile’. Employees must perform the role of someone at peace with the world while often being paid below the living wage. Many artists and creatives are forced to work within the service industry to support their careers. My work highlights the employee’s individuality and the dreams put on hold or lost, within the customer service industry. This work is based upon direct experience of the customer service industry and I have used real documents, files, employee training and assessment sheets as source material

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Still image from the film Induction
Still image from the film, My Life Does Not Belong To Me
Still image from the film, In This Shirt
Still from the film, Ethics Are A Privilege