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Karolina Kairyte

Film and Television Production, Griffith College Dublin

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My name is Karolina Kairyte and I am a recent film graduate from Griffith College Dublin. I earned a BA in film and television production. Over the past few years I have directed documentaries and worked as a cinematographer on short films and also worked on a music show. I am now releasing my work as a Producer on ‘Get Out And Drive’ which is a documentary a DOP on my new short film ‘The Library’. 'Get Out And Drive' was a project that was aimed towards the Irish car community. When thinking of boy racers we all think of them in a bad way and say that all they do is cause trouble and the car community in Ireland it is seen in a bad light by many people and the media especially. By being a producer for this project I wanted to shed light onto the good sides of this community. 'The Library' talks about gun violence and as it relates back to today's world and we can see how much impact guns have to victims of mass shootings. The film talks about mental health is also as important b

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