New Generation Gallery

Kat Lalor

BA in Fine Art , Technological University Dublin

New Generation Gallery

I am a Queer non-binary visual artist, exploring the multi-facets of Queer intelligibility through my work. Utilising methods inspired by conceptual frameworks of contemporary drag, I aim to interrupt normative systems of looking by challenging socially established gender constructs, bringing forward discussions of Queer experience. Particularly interested in discourse surrounding Queer futurity and its implied connection to utopic ideologies, I explore the prospects of a visual arts practice to facilitate a representation of the multiplicity of gender, leading to a dissolution of binaries and expansion of the self beyond the physical.

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Molasses Mourning Part I, Screen 1 (still)
Molasses Mourning Part I, Screen 2 (still)
Molasses Mourning Part I, Screen 3 (still)
Molasses Mourning Part II (still)
Molasses Mourning Part I (installation)
Molasses Mourning Part II (installation)