New Generation Gallery

Kevin Rooney

BA Visual Arts, Technological University Dublin

New Generation Gallery

My work investigates the conversation between sound and environment, to address the universe in response to the impact of climate change and the breakdown of societal norms. This extensive experience of working in labor-intensive environments, my interest in spirituality, and working with the plant-based medicine Ayahuasca, played an essential role in my practice. The work also introduces my love for land art, meditation, Buddhism, and the healing properties of sound to the creative process. The work involved generative action painting, which served as the foundation for creating Morse code messaging to the universe. These messages were realized visually, via large-scale land art drawings on the beach, which relied on intensive and repetitive labor, and the constant battle of incoming tides that washed the messages away daily.

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"The sky is not the limit,beyond the Universe is".
The sky is not the limit,beyond the Universe is.