New Generation Gallery

Lana Fattah

Architecture & the Built Environment, UCD School of Architecture

New Generation Gallery 2016

Re-imagining a Rural Factory:Vacancies grow as factories within industrial zones move & expand to new sites. There is a hidden potential in these empty buildings. This proposal aims to re-inhabit the current Hawa factory in Switzerland while creating minimal waste in the process. Explored through sketches and computer programs the design uses all of the existing with calculated design additions.

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Aquaponics Market_Lana Fattah by Lana Fattah
Inhabiting a Factory_Lana Fattah by Lana Fattah
Layered Inhabitation_Lana Fattah by Lana Fattah
Through the Factory_Lana Fattah by Lana Fattah
Planing with Context_Lana Fattah by Lana Fattah