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Laura Rafferty

Contemporary Applied Art , Crawford College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery

I have been researching nature and have specifically been studying Blackrock Castle and the area surrounding it, Blackrock walkway which runs from Blackrock castle to Rochestown, I have made many trips up and down there exploring nature through sketching studies than I have done while I was there , I also done a variety of imprints to have a better idea of the structure of the wall surrounding the castle and also the mark making of the wall itself, therefore giving me a better understanding of the texture and dept within the wall surface, this help me identify more with mark-making in my sketches. I also did some blind studies and sound studies to help me become more aware of the nature around me, making me feel more at one with nature and my surroundings. Colour is something I am really passionate about ,as it can completely changes the way you see things, I wanted to introduce more colour to my artwork, for my drawing imprints of the surrounding castle wall.

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Castle Wall
Castle wall, green
Castle Wall, pink
Castle wall blue
Castle stone
Castle stone purple