New Generation Gallery

Lorna Hayden

BA Fine Art & Art History, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2016

My work investigates the filing of received information within embodied mental space, synthesising the fragments derived from a pen into a physical delineation and gridding of space. Objects are hidden, hinted at, or highlighted through manipulated video projections to produce a hectic, yet balanced and delicate amalgamation of things of or relating to the quotidian and spaces of affect.

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Ground palette by Lorna Hayden
Abacus Repeat by Lorna Hayden
Accumulating lines to the point of o, between the black (mm)s and the blue (ee)s by Lorna Hayden
Screensaver by Lorna Hayden
a point of oh by Lorna Hayden
a Point, nearly by Lorna Hayden