New Generation Gallery

Lorraine O’Rourke

BA (Hons) Fine Art Print, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2019

My work investigates the sense of ‘the self’ through mediums of screen-print and photography. Dealing with autobiographical concerns which focus on personal memories and experiences living with mental illness. Focusing on the construction and deconstruction of my own identity, my work connotes to the search and struggle for personal identity in today’s society and the effect this can have on mh.

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Influenced Force by Lorraine O’Rourke
Downside up by Lorraine O’Rourke
One identity, many faces by Lorraine O’Rourke
From Colour to Darkness by Lorraine O’Rourke
Split in two by Lorraine O’Rourke
Am i who i was yesterday or am i who i might be tomorrow? by Lorraine O’Rourke