New Generation Gallery

Luke Lacey

Bachelor of Arts, Carlow Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery

I see each of my works as being conceptual in nature, despite all being entirely different in outcome. While on the surface, my work may seem solely satirical, the underlying goal is to create an intervention into contemporary society – which often seems futile. One day I may focus on aestheticism, utilising vibrant colours and large prints, another I set out to explore a certain (political or historical) narrative in my own way. My work as a whole is an assemblage of mediums that are appropriate to the concept I am working with. I often appropriate found images and footage into my own work, performing around what I find. At its core, my work is autobiographical in nature, exploring my thoughts, my feelings and my story, my interests change by the day, but the subject of my work is always close to my heart. I take great influence from artists such as Dinh Q. Lê, Martha Rosler and John Byrne, as well as how narratives are disseminated through media and the news of the world around me.

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