New Generation Gallery

Luke Monaghan

MFA Painting, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2020

This work is a study of line in a manner characteristic of phenomenology, using line to think through mereological ideas about transcendence and immanence. The work is formed in a circular, hermeneutic manner wherein each work is derived in some sense from the work prior to and in correspondence with it. Mirroring, mirror hours, and reverse hours are concerns embedded in the work’s bearing.

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Oui, Oui, you are receiving me by Luke Monaghan
Ulysses Gramophone by Luke Monaghan
Mereological, Mereological, Mereological by Luke Monaghan
ZeroThree:ZeroThree by Luke Monaghan
rope behind the snake by Luke Monaghan
OpenandShut by Luke Monaghan